Use Workplace to make sure everybody gets the message - wherever they are and whatever they do.

Reach the right audience at the right time

Quickly get news and announcements to the people who need it, whether it's your entire company, a department or just your team.

Automatically add employees to official groups so nobody misses the information that’s important to them.

Pin critical posts to the top of the News Feed to prioritize important company information and get instant attention.

News Feed is a scrolling stream of posts that prioritizes the information you need to see. Want to read more from a particular colleague? Mark them as ‘VIP’ to give their posts a boost.

Get more from your intranet

Imagine if your intranet wasn’t just a useful place to store important company documents, but was also easy to access and great to use - especially for frontline employees.

Create, store and share static content like HR policies, and make company information easily accessible on desktop and mobile.

Already got an intranet? Use our API to pull in content from SharePoint and watch engagement skyrocket.

Plugins let you take a Workplace post and share it on your current intranet so all your static content can be found in a single place.

Create more flexible communications

Don’t just throw an email out and hope for the best. We’ve got the tools to help you meet people wherever they are.

Increase your reach with global teams by setting posts to publish at a time that guarantees maximum engagement.

Need your CEO to post something but can’t pin her down? Use Draft For to write something on behalf of your leadership team so all they have to do is send it.

Measure the success of your business communication efforts

How do you know if your business communication efforts are actually working? Our simple but effective Insights tool measures the things you care about, like how people feel about certain posts. Meanwhile, our Campaigns tool tracks the performance of all your messages on a certain theme so you can see what’s resonating the most.

"Workplace is a fantastic tool. It’s certainly the easiest way to reach all our employees in one central platform."

Paulo Peereboom

CEO, Makro

Become an expert communicator

We’ve got loads of resources to help you improve the way you communicate with Workplace. Check out our dedicated resources page, or jump in with some of our most popular guides and classes.


Everyday communications

Share a regular cadence of content in Workplace channels to drive engagement and brand identity and understanding.


How to build your Knowledge Library

Create a central space for key company resources in Workplace using Knowledge Library.

The ultimate guide to Workplace Chat


The ultimate guide to Workplace Chat

Whether you’re working remotely or on the frontline, staying in touch with your team is easy with Workplace Chat.