Managing Your Notifications

Top tips for turning down the noise so you can focus on what's important.

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Notifications keep you updated on what's going on in your Workplace community. But we know some notifications matter more than others. This guide will walk you through best practices for managing your notifications so you can stay up to date on the things you care about.

How to do it in Workplace

Adjust your notification settings1. Adjust your notification settings

Go to your Workplace Notifications Settings to edit how you receive notifications and what you're notified about. You can edit three kinds of notifications:

  • Email: notifications sent to your email account.
  • In-app: notifications that are visible while you're active on desktop or mobile.
  • Push notifications: what you see on your phone's home screen, and what you see in the corner of your computer screen even when Workplace is closed.

Adjust how you receive notifications and what you're notified about.

Edit notifications from specific groups in your notification settings. If you choose to opt out of push, email, and in-app notifications for posts in social groups, you'll still be notified if you were @mentioned in anything, and you can catch up on the posts you missed when you have downtime.

Adjust how you receive notifications from certain groups.

Filter your notifications2. Filter your notifications

Start your day by filtering your notifications down to “Tags and Replies”. This ensures that you see information that's most relevant to you before moving on to anything else.

Filter your notifications down to tags and replies.

Then, filter down to notifications from your pinned groups. Your pinned groups are groups that are most important to your workflow. They should be pinned to your group shortcuts so you can access them easily.

Finally, catch up on the rest of your unread notifications.

Maintain a healthy work/life balance3. Maintain a healthy work/life balance

With the Workplace and Workplace Chat app, it's easy to always stay connected to your work. But this can make maintaining a healthy work/life balance challenging at times. Luckily, you can set clear boundaries around your schedule on Workplace.

Use the Do Not Disturb feature to block desktop and push notifications for a certain number of hours, or during certain hours of the day. This is especially helpful when you need to concentrate on work outside of Workplace and, more importantly, when you're not working so people know you're not available.

The Do Not Disturb feature helps you maintain a healthy work/life balance

You can also set the Do Not Disturb feature to automatically turn on based on your schedule.

The Do Not Disturb feature helps you maintain a healthy work/life balance

Follow people to stay up to date on their activity4. Follow people to stay up to date on their activity

Follow important people in your organization to stay up-to-date on their activity. It's a good idea to follow your CEO, your manager, and the people on your team. When you follow your colleagues it helps Workplace identify what information is relevant to you and to showcase that information in your News Feed.

Follow important people to stay up-to-date on their activity

And be sure to set your notifications so that you're notified when the people you follow go Live. Being notified for Live videos means you can stay on top of announcements and meetings your colleagues broadcast to your organization.

Get notified when your colleagues go Live



  • Turn down the noise, get notified on the things that matter to you.
  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance by setting boundaries in Workplace.
  • Personalize your News Feed so you're updated on the people you care about.
  • Manage your workload more effectively.
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