The Workplace Adoption Booster Kit

Download the toolkit to get quick tip videos, challenge cards, infographics and more to help you spread knowledge and drive adoption and engagement on Workplace.

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Help them make them most out of Workplace

Increasing Workplace adoption allows you to reach more people with your important communications, improve access to knowledge and foster stronger connections across locations and departments. This toolkit was designed to help you do just that, by increasing awareness of Workplace tips and tricks that can help make everyone's work—and life—easier.

The Workplace Adoption Booster Kit includes:

  • Short Workplace quick tip videos
  • A set of Workplace challenge cards, an editable challenge card template and a custom badge
  • Campaign instructions and sample post copy
  • An infographic featuring key Workplace help and education resources
  • A sample Knowledge Library category you can copy and paste into your own Workplace Knowledge Library
  • A new "Welcome to Workplace" video you can share with new joiners