Workplace Insights Overview

ही मदत सामग्री आपल्या भाषेत उपलब्ध नाही. कृपया आपल्या समर्थित भाषांपैकी एकामधून निवडा:
Insights, in the Admin Panel, provides tools to track and measure your organization's Workplace usage. Insights can be used to follow employee signups, trends within groups and post-level activity.
Insights is made up of five different tabs:
  • People - Track how active your organization is on Workplace.
  • Activity - See how much content your organization is creating and how many people are engaging with it.
  • Groups - Track group creation and activity.
  • Posts - Measure likes, comments, and views of a post.
  • Connections - Identify where collaboration is happening on Workplace.
System admins can view and use Insights, and can grant others permission as part of a custom admin role.
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